Pipeliners offers professional reliable telemarketing solutions ranging from Lead generation to customer satisfaction surveys and mailshot follow ups.

These are the full list of services available.

Lead generation

Using either the clients own database or a list bought through a list-broker, conversation frameworks are adapted with the aim of speaking to decision makers to identify or generate new opportunities for the products or services that the client is offering. These leads, which usually provide the client with a lot of detail on the prospective clients requirements, are then passed back to the client for the sales consultants to work with. The client is also advised of any ‘negative’ responses, so they are to have a good overall picture of the acceptance of their products/services within the marketplace.

Appointment making

Some companies want to take the lead generation a stage further by actually having appointments set for the sales consultants to attend. In some cases the prospective customer may request information on the products/services in advance of agreeing to an appointment. This can be done on the clients behalf, or passed back to the client for them to fulfil.

Mailshot/e-mailshot follow ups

Most companies do mailshots, or emailshots, which should produce somewhere between 1%-3% natural response, but this can be increased ten fold by following up the mailshot with a telemarketing campaign. Working with the list of mail-shotted contacts, as well as checking that all details are correct, opportunities are identified and passed back to the client.

Exhibition follow ups

Many companies exhibit at one or several annual events. Having obtained what can sometimes be hundreds of ‘leads’, these need qualifying to sift out the real opportunities for the client. A campaign similar to a Lead Generation campaign is set up so that sales consultants can then focus on working with genuine and real opportunities.

Seminar & Exhibition attendances / follow ups

Some companies hold seminars covering their products/services or exhibit at one or several annual events. After the initial invites have been sent out, clients can use telemarketing services to contact and confirm attendees for the seminar or officially invite people to their stand at an exhibition. They may also want the attendees contacted after the event to identify the real prospects and opportunities for the sales consultants to concentrate on.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer relationship management is paramount to any business. The cost of sale to an existing customer is far lower than finding a new customer, and ensuring existing customers are happy will ensure easier repeat business opportunities. Customer satisfaction surveys also aim to identify opportunities for further business, in addition to making sure the customer has no concerns with the product or service they have already received.