Any organisation needs new business in order to expand and, in times of trouble, in order to survive.

Telemarketing provides the ground work upon which a successful business can grow.

The main objective to most of the telemarketing campaigns conducted is to identify or generate new business opportunities maximising the potential for business growth. But in addition to this, gathering further relevant information from the target market helps companies to gain a better understanding of their marketplace. This can help to build successful business development for the future.

 Pipeliners expertise lies in the identification of new business leads and opportunities for its clients.

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What is telemarketing? 

Telemarketing and telesales are often considered the same thing. But there IS a difference.

 Teleselling, as it suggests, is where a sale can be completed over the phone. It is something that can be inbound or outbound, i.e. inbound – customers phoning in to a company to buy something, or outbound – companies calling out to prospective customers to try to sell their products or services and then taking a payment over the phone.

 Marketing is about a business promoting itself to its appropriate target audience with the aim of increasing the growth of the business. It can cover a whole host of activities – web site, advertising, PR, company brochures etc, direct mail campaigns, seminars, and so on.

 Telemarketing is simply using the phone to contact your target audience with the aim of generating or identifying interest in your company’s products or services. Where an opportunity from a call is produced, this is often called a lead and this lead will usually be passed to a sales person for them to try to convert to new business.

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