Using a third party to conduct telemarketing services:-

  • Allows more time for valuable sales staff to work on the sales cycle once the opportunity for new business has been identified.
  • Provides a complimentary extension to any internal marketing activities.
  • Dedicated channel for generating and maintaining a steady flow of pipeline opportunities for sales people to work with


Every salesperson, no matter what business, should have a constant flow of new business opportunities drip-feeding into their sales funnel or ‘pipeline’.

It is the salespersons responsibility to get the identified opportunities converted to new business, but whose responsibility is it to find the new business opportunities? Probably a combination of sales and marketing personnel, but since the salesperson should be concentrating their efforts of the latter stages of the sales cycle, the more help and support marketing can provide in the early stages the better.

Pipeliners help companies in the business to business sector identify and optimise the number of new business opportunities for salespeople to work on.

 Why Pipeliners?

 Ruth says:-

 “My clients tell me that one of the key things that makes my service so special is that they know exactly who is going to be picking up a phone on their behalf – the voice representing their company – me.”

 “I can run a variety of size campaigns, tailor made to suit the needs of my clients, including Test The Water campaigns which allow a company to establish if telemarketing is going to be effective for their business.”

 “I can also provide administrative support to clients – telemarketing campaigns inevitably produce a certain amount of admin – such as emails to confirm appointments, or emails for further information requests. Emails can be set up to look as if they are coming from your company, not from mine.”

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